How It Works

What to Wear

Drunk in Love Bar Crawl is a “Stop Light” crawl. Choose your clothing wisely, it’ll let everyone know what lovin’ you’re all about!

You’re Taken – Wear Red!

If you have made like a penguin and picked the one, both you and your hunny should come in red. Or if you’re just not in a romantic mood and would rather share the love with your friends tonight, red is also your color.  This tells all of those single Sallys and Steves to STOP in the name of love.

You’re Undecided – Wear Yellow!

If Facebook statuses still meant anything, you’d be “It’s Complicated”. Maybe you’re not sure what you want right now. Dust off that yellow sweater, turtleneck, t-shirt, banana suit, whatever you have to let everyone know to tread slowly.

You’re Single – Wear Green!

Put the pedal to the metal – you are single and ready to mingle. No need to log in to Tinder. Find that cute green outfit of yours and come to the crawl to look for your match!

What You Get

  • A signature bar crawl cup in the stop-light color of your choice
  • $2-$5 Drink Specials
  • 1 Free Love Punch + Candy Sweethearts
  • Dance music at participating establishments
  • An amazing crowd of sweethearts looking to get Drunk in Love!

You must be over 21 years of age to participate. Don't drink and drive! Have a designated driver ready to pick you up upon the conclusion of the bar crawl, take public transportation, or a call a cab.